School can be a tricky place for a child with eczema.  There are many things that can trigger eczema in the school environment and children can be bullied because their skin is different.  It may be difficult for them to participate in all school activities and their concentration levels in class may be short due to sleepless nights and feeling itchy and sore.

Some children with eczema miss many school days due to infection, hospital appointments and skin flares.

We work with schools to help them understand the impact of eczema on a child or young person and what a school can do to help.  We also support parents/carers when their child is struggling at school.  We can help a family identify small changes that could be made at school to make a big difference to their child’s ability to learn and participate.

How we support schools and parents/carers:

  • Practical resources for families and schools
  • School workshops for primary school classes (online and in person)
  • Secondary School staff training animation – ‘Supporting Young People with Eczema’. You can watch the trailer for this below.

Our primary school workshops are arranged through our member families and their child’s school.  If you have a child with eczema in your school, please signpost their family to us.

If you would like to access our secondary school training resource ‘Supporting Young People with Eczema’, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can email for further information.

‘Supporting Young People with Eczema’ request form

Healthcare professionals

Information for healthcare and education professionals.

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