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They can be booked a term or so ahead if your school calendar is looking busy this term!

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Why book a workshop?

Our online school workshops help children and staff to understand what it’s like to have eczema and how we can all support each other. The workshop can also help a child with eczema to engage more with their treatments.

How are they delivered?

The school workshops are delivered over Microsoft Teams and can be delivered across the full year group e.g. if there are 2 classes in a child’s year, we could deliver workshops to both classes. Take a look at a snippet of one of our workshops here.

What is covered during a workshop?

We have two versions of the workshop. The junior workshop is for younger children in preschool and early years of primary. We have a more advanced workshop for older primary children. Both workshops are fun and interactive. They include a range of activities that help children understand what it’s like to have eczema and what can help. They also encourage children to recognise and celebrate difference.

Junior Workshops

The wonderful Itchysaurus book is read during our Junior version. This book has captured the imagination of many of our younger members.

Senior Workshops

Older children have the opportunity to experiment with moisture meters and see if emollients really do work!

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EOS is a small charity that makes a big impact on the 4000 children and young people we support and their families.

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