We understand that school can be a tricky environment for children with eczema.

Nursery/Primary Schools

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School life with eczema can be tricky and these resources should help.

Primary/Nursery school workshops

We understand that school can be a tricky environment for children with eczema. Our online school workshops are designed to help. 

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“The online workshop was really engaging and informative” Class Teacher from Townhead Primary School, Coatbridge.

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Secondary Schools

Supporting young people with eczema

A Resource for secondary school staff

This animation resource was created to educate school staff about eczema and the impact it can have on a pupil. It explains how even small changes to the school environment can make a big difference to the lives of young people with eczema.

If you are a parent of a secondary school pupil or if you work in a secondary school, share this animation with your school. It is relevant not just to teacher but to the whole school staff. After viewing the animation, could you please provide feedback using this very short survey.

‘More than itchy skin’ animation

We understand how difficult school can be for a young person with eczema.

We worked with a group of young people to understand the issues faced at school and created an animation to help people learn more about the impact of eczema on a young person’s life at school. You can watch ‘Eczema more than itchy skin’ here. We would love for you to share the animation with your family and friends to help them understand what life can be like with eczema and how small changes can make a big difference to school life