EOS is a small charity that makes a big impact on the 4000 children and young people we support and their families. We also work with healthcare and education professionals and are always advocating for the rights of children with eczema.

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What others say about us

Find out what members, supporters and volunteers say about EOS.

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Our work in numbers

Find out how we make a difference to children with eczema and their families.

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Child with wearing Eczema garments

Wider impact

We are also involved in eczema research programmes and advocate for better support for people with eczema wherever we can.

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Annual report

Our latest annual report is here.

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Youth panel

Our youth panel is made up of young people aged 16-24 that have lived experience of eczema. They aim to improve conditions for children with eczema.

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World Atopic Eczema Day

Eczema Outreach Support mark World Atopic Eczema Day every year with exciting events.

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