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“It was so great to be able to chat things through with someone who really gets the struggle and impact Eczema has had on [our son] and our whole family.”

EOS member

“Just collected [my son] from school and it’s safe to say he loved the workshop! He was buzzing about it all the way home in the car (…) He said he really enjoyed it and that he thought the rest of the kids enjoyed it too (…) I think it will be great for [my son’s] confidence in the future as well as being something fun and positive (…) to do with eczema.”

EOS member

From our latest annual survey of members

“The information how to parent a child with eczema is so rare and spread out that it’s great to have a source of it in one place that I can trust”

“It has been such a relief to find support from EOS, I feel a bit more confident and knowledgeable about managing my child’s eczema, although I know there is still a lot to learn and explore.”

“EOS has been great at getting my daughter to use her creams. She was refusing before she received her welcome pack and did the High 5 Club sessions ”

“I feel it’s great to have an accessible support for my daughter especially as she goes through teen years with eczema”

“Just feeling a part of a group makes her realise she’s not alone, the initial educational materials and little gifts made her feel special, also looking at other members sharing their experiences is helpful ”

“Just hearing other children say exactly what she has always said made her feel understood and less alone… finally children her age. Often if she meets a child in person at school or a social environment with eczema it’s not the kind of thing they would discuss or have the social skills to bring it out. but the group makes it easier”

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EOS supports 4,000 children with eczema across the UK and their families.

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