How EOS can help you

EOS can help support families who have a child with eczema giving you somewhere to signpost families you feel could benefit from support or meeting others in the same situation.

We aren’t medical professionals, we leave that bit to you, but we help families with the emotional and practical aspects of having a child with eczema.

We will reinforce the importance of the treatment plan prescribed, help them work out how to fit it into their day-to-day life if they are feeling overwhelmed, be a listening ear when they are on an emotional rollercoaster, and help with understanding triggers, how to get support for their child at school, and a whole lot more!

Through our work supporting families and being the voice of our members in a variety of forums we have built strong relationships with many Dermatologists, Dermatology Nurses, GPS, Psychiatrists and Health Visitors across the UK.

Please note that we are not a statutory service and offer services based on individual circumstances and the charity’s current capacity.

Eczema Outreach provide an invaluable service to families of children with eczema. There are many aspects of caring for a child with eczema from emotional support to practical help which need input in addition to that which medical and nursing staff can offer. Therefore EOS fills a key area of need and their work must be supported.”

 – Dr Ross Hearne, Head of Dermatology, Dundee

Primary Care Providers

EOS has worked with a Health Visitor to create a resource handy for supporting families coping with eczema. Please feel free to print these and distribute to families.

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Can you help us?

Can you champion our cause or engage us in your work? Please contact us for posters and leaflets to distribute in clinic or to families, we’d be delighted if you promote our service within your professional networks, and let us know if you need a patient representative for your work.

In addition, we are always looking for new healthcare professionals to speak to our families at our events. Families really value hearing from experts on topics such as eczema best practice, eczema treatments, research and allergy. They are also an opportunity for clinicians to learn more about patients’ needs and expectations of the NHS in general.

Please note that we are not a statutory service and offer services based on individual circumstances and the charity’s current capacity.

Flyer for your waiting area

We created some animated videos for World Eczema Day, where families shared the challenges of supporting a child with severe eczema. As part of the 5 part series, we created a video called ‘EOS knows’ to share the work we do and how can help families. We would love it if you could share the QR code to our animated video called ‘EOS knows!’ with your patients so they can find out about the work we do and get some support.

To view all the videos created for World Eczema day please click here 

Education professionals

Information for education professionals.

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High 5 Club – For children aged 3-10

The High 5 Club is only for children aged 3-10 – no adults allowed!

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Support for teenagers

for young people aged 10-17

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