Teen with eczema

Do you know anyone your age with eczema? Does it feel like you are the only one with eczema?  Don’t worry you are not alone.

We are in the process of reviewing and developing the support that we offer to teenagers with eczema.  We want to make sure that we are offering the kind of support that teenagers are looking for and in a way that is easy for them to access.

We would love to hear from teenagers with eczema on what they would like to have available from Eczema Outreach Support. If you can spare a couple of mins to complete a very short survey, this would help us develop our future service for teens. 

You can access the survey by clicking here

If you would like to become more involved with our development of teen services, or just share your views in more detail- feel free to email us on info@eos.org.uk


We understand how difficult school can be for a young person with eczema.

We worked with a group of young people to understand the issues faced at school and created an animation to help people learn more about the impact of eczema on a young person’s life at school. You can watch ‘Eczema more than itchy skin’ here. We would love for you to share the animation with your family and friends to help them understand what life can be like with eczema and how small changes can make a big difference to school life

Here’s what one young person thought:

“I liked hearing about all the children in school and I liked being able to relate to them, for example the child with leggings and the one with the blazer. I think it would be a great animation to show in schools including mine and would help people understand eczema”

We would love to hear your feedback, get in touch and let us know what you think club@eos.org.uk

As well as the physical symptoms that eczema causes like being itchy and painful, it can have an impact on lots of other parts of our lives. Living with the symptoms of eczema, and having to work hard to manage it, can affect how we feel, what we do, and our relationships with other people. For example, eczema can cause low mood, anxiety, appearance worries, and sleep issues, to name a few.  

Our new wellbeing page provides tips and resources on how to manage these issues and live well with eczema.

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