Rose designed a new mascot for Eczema Outreach Support – Icey Isla, a cooling ice pack modelled on the one she uses a home.

Rose (7) from Bedford was inspired by the current mascots Twisty, Squirt and Red Hot Itch and made a fun cartoon version of something that helps her skin.

Icey Isla original design

Cartoon Icey Isla


Mum Katie said: “Rose has had eczema since she was a baby and has had good spells and times when she is flared and very itchy.
“Heat is a trigger for her skin so she does her best to keep it cool and the ice pack helps.”
Rose’s skin is under control now and only suffers from the occasional flare, but when she was younger her eczema was more severe and she was hospitalised with infections.
Kate said: “We have tried lots of treatments over the years but finally have a combination that works for her and now when she has a reaction, we treat it and it is back under control quickly.


“But there was some tough times when Rose was younger, she would struggle to sleep with itching and she got a bad flare up on her face, particularly around her eyes and lips, that really affected her. She was really self conscious and thought people were looking at her face.
“Some people have made rude comments to her in the past too, asking if her skin was contagious and refusing to hold her hand. One parent at school has been really rude about her eczema and it’s really frustrating, you expect an adult to know better.”

Rose has been hospitalised with infected eczema as an infant

Rose now has a routine that prevents flare ups and she avoids heat and dust as much as possible as these are triggers.
She loves drawing and taking part in the EOS High Five Club challenges  as well as seeing other children with eczema.
Katie said: “We joined EOS two years ago when we were going through a terrible time with her skin and the charity has been such a boost for us.
“Rose loves seeing other children with eczema on the website and Facebook page and she takes part in all the challenges. I’ve benefitted from the Facebook group, there is good advice there and you can feel less alone knowing there are other parents out there facing similar.”