Our last H5C festive video was such a big hit that that we have decided it’s time to do another one! Taking part in the video is a great way for your child to feel connected to other children in the High 5 Club and the resulting video will help all our young members to know they are not alone.   


If you want to see the last one, look here. Here is some of the feedback we received:  

My daughter watched it with so much amazement and loved it so much.”  

“This is marvellous, we all loved it, I am crying watching it”  

“Thank you so much for organising – it has lifted one little girl’s spirits and I know it will have lifted other as well!”  


What should my child say? 

Children could record a song, dance or a simple hello. Older children might even like to pass on a friendly message to other children with eczema or talk about an activity that their eczema doesn’t stop them enjoying. 


Things to consider when making your video:   

  • Videos should be around 30 seconds long 
  • Please record your video in landscape view
  • Use your child’s first name only
  • Do not give exact locations (the country you are in is fine)  
  • No school uniforms, please   
  • Choose somewhere with good lighting (try not to use the flash on your camera or phone if possible)   
  • Make sure the room you are recording in is quiet (no background noise)  


Once you are happy with your video you can send it to us by WhatsApp on 07383 560 528 or alternatively, email it to club@eos.org.uk. Closing date for sending in entries will be Friday 2nd December 2022 

 The video will be hosted privately on the EOS YouTube channel and emailed to all H5C members. 

 Squirt, Twisty and Red Hot Itch look forward to seeing your videos!