Children’s mental health week is 6 – 12 February, and we are supporting Place2be’s campaign of Let’s Connect.

At EOS we aim to connect families together who share the challenges that eczema brings to their lives. We realise that there will be other things in a child’s life that they feel connected to which may also help them cope with their eczema, e.g. friends/clubs/music.

We’d like to invite our children members to share with us what things, people or activities they feel connected to. This can be through having eczema or as part of their wider life.

How to get involved:

· Make paper chains to illustrate what they feel connected to.

· Illustrate a puzzle piece to illustrate what they feel connected to. Download the puzzle piece template.

You can visit the Children’s mental health week website for resources to help with these activities.

We would love to see a photo or short video of your child with their paper chains or puzzle piece, if they felt comfortable sharing this. We will share the photos or video clips on our social media platforms during children’s mental health week to raise awareness of the campaign. We will not share any personal information about your child on the social media post. Photos and videos should be emailed to by Wednesday 25 January 2023, if possible.