On this page, you will find eczema care plans to help manage your child’s eczema.

Care plans include written information about eczema, treatment and help families, children and young people feel more confident to manage the eczema.

They can be downloaded, and either be completed electronically or printed off and completed by hand.

Below are tips on how and when to use them:

  • The best way to look after your child’s eczema is to use an eczema care plan which has written information about their eczema and the treatments you need to use to get control and keep control of their eczema.
  • It reminds you what to do every day to keep your child’s eczema well controlled and what to look out for or do if their eczema gets worse.
  • The eczema care plans should be used alongside our other resources for children with eczema.
  • You can use these plans with a health professional (e.g., GP, nurse, dermatologist) to make your child’s treatment plan as clear as possible and to help you to discuss key issues relating to your child’s eczema. You can use a new copy every time your child’s treatment changes.
  • When you are filling in the care plan with your doctor or nurse, if your child is old enough get them involved, let them help fill it in and encourage them to ask questions.
  • As your child gets older, give them a copy, and encourage them to start taking control of their eczema.
  • Keep the care plan where it’s easy to use, on your fridge or notice board or a copy on your phone
  • You might also find it useful to give a copy of your care plan to your child’s nursey, school, or other family members and show them how to use the treatments, to help them understand how they can look after your child’s eczema.

Care Plan

There is one version of the care plan for children up to nine years old which is to be filled out by a carer and one for young people who are more involved with managing their own eczema

They can be downloaded, and either be completed electronically or printed off and complete by hand.

Under 9

9 Plus

Treatment Plan

If you only want the page on the care plan that talks about treatments –  you can download the treatment plan separately and this also makes it easier to update your child’s treatment as you go.

Under 9

9 Plus

Please help us understand how the care plans are being used and gain feedback by completing a short online survey: go.uwe.ac.uk/eoscareplans.

The EOS care plans were developed with help from children and young people with eczema, the Youth Panel, parents, health professionals, and psychology researchers Dr Ella Guest and Dr Pippa Tollow from the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol.

Thank you to everyone who helped to develop the care plan, the Project Advisory Panel, and the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) Foundation and the University of the West of England for funding the project.

Healthcare Professionals

Information for healthcare professionals.

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Parents and Carers

Find out how we can help parents and carers of children with eczema.

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Wider Impact

We are also involved in eczema research programmes and advocate for better support for people with eczema wherever we can.

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