Eczema Outreach Support works with researchers across the UK and beyond.

We take part in steering groups and panels, work with university researchers and with companies developing new eczema treatments

We also work with the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) in the assessment of new treatments. We do all of this to make sure that the experiences and needs of children with eczema and their families are represented

There are lots of opportunities for families with eczema to get involved with research too. 

Exploring Parents’ Experiences of Eczema 

Are you a parent who has an experience with eczema?  

Trainee clinical psychologist Lauren Waples is looking to speak to anyone who has a child under the age of 18 and has experienced either their own or their child’s eczema. She is exploring the impact of eczema on aspects of parenting such as attachment, soothing styles, and wellbeing to better understand how to support families affected by the condition  

Contact Lauren Waples on for more information or to get involved.  

RAPID Eczema Trials 

Join a team of members of the public working with researchers to design and run clinical trials that answer questions that people have about living with eczema.  

 If you have eczema or your child does, then find out more at  

 Look out for more opportunities coming soon.  

Exploring Youth’s Experiences of Eczema 

Are you a young person who has an experience with eczema?  

Newcastle university’s Faculty of Medical Sciences are looking to interview someone aged between 18 and 24 who is being diagnosed with eczema and lives in the UK to talk about eczema and medical management.

At the end of study, the participant will get an Amazon Voucher

Fill out this form or contact for more information or to get involved.  

Eczema Bathing Study

how often should we bathe?

Have you ever wondered how often to have a bath or shower when you have eczema?
If so, this study is for you!

Everyone is welcome.  We are looking for people with eczema, of all ages and all backgrounds, to take part. 

When we say “you” in the information below, this means the person taking part in the study – that could be yourself or your child, or someone that you look after. 

Find out more at:

For parents and carers

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