A new member of Eczema Outreach Support is taking strides to raise money for her favourite charity.

Sabina (9) and mum Ana will walk a mile every day for a whole month and are asking family and friends to sponsor them.

Sabina has suffered from eczema since she was a baby but only found out about Eczema Outreach Support recently after Ana found a link online.

Ana, a teaching assistant in a school, said: “Sabina has really suffered with her skin for almost as long as I can remember. She itches terribly and is now at an age where she gets embarrassed about her skin and doesn’t want to show her legs or arms as they are scabbed.

“Even when doing gymnastics she wears leggings and a hoodie to cover herself. It’s awful and I wish she wasn’t going through this.

“I saw EOS online and thought we would sign up as members and was delighted when the welcome pack arrived. There was so much information, much I didn’t know, and Sabina loved the comic.

“In the pack was a fundraising info sheet and we thought we would raise money for EOS since the charity has been so helpful for us.”

Ana and Sabina will walk a mile every day, a feat that will be a struggle for Ana as she suffers from painful arthritis.

The family planned to start their challenge at the start of the month but had to self isolate and now will start their walking on Tuesday.

You can sponsor them here.