A big hearted sister will take part in Edinburgh Marathon Festival to raise money for the charity that helps her twin.

Isla Watson  (7) will join thousands of runners later this month and run the EMF Junior for Eczema Outreach Support (EOS), a Linlithgow based charity to support children and young people with eczema.
Twin sister Evie has been a member since last year after developing the chronic skin condition in primary one. The Dalkeith family were backwards and forward to the GP when Evie developed a mystery painful rash on her hands and eventually was diagnosed with eczema and prescribed creams that helped.
Mum Joanne said: “Evie developed eczema quite recently and no one else in the family has it, so we were not sure how to best manage it. A work colleague told me about EOS and we joined up.
“Evie then received a welcome pack with loads of things to help manage her skin and we spent a bit of time on the EOS website watching videos about eczema, how to manage it and things to avoid. It really helped Evie just seeing other kids with eczema and made her feel less alone.”
The family decided to give back to EOS so more children and their families can receive their help.
The charity supports over 4000 families across the UK coping with eczema. They hold events for families to meet up, offer one on one support with a family worker and do workshops in members schools to educate peers about eczema. They also offer advice and tips on coping with eczema and raise awareness of the condition.
CEO of EOS Suzi Holland, who is running the 10km for EOS at the EMF said: “Isla is doing a smashing job running for EOS as we have helped her sister. It is heart warming to see and we can’t thank the family enough.
“Times are very difficult for charities as trusts and grants are more difficult to access and we rely on fundraisers more than ever. With people like Isla taking on challenges for EOS we can continue to support families with eczema and make sure every child with eczema can thrive.”
You can sponsor Isla here.