Big hearted Max Henderson took on the Walk 5 challenge for Eczema Outreach Support and raised over £300!

Max (7) and Brooke (3) both have eczema, suffering from extreme itching, inflammation and cracked broken skin. While Max‘s eczema is now under control, his sister is still struggling and often has broken sleep due to the intense itching.
So, the primary three pupil from Leith decided to raise money for Eczema Outreach Support, a charity his mum Ros joined when Max was a baby.
Ros said: “When Max developed eczema, we had no idea how to treat it and what to do. We were back and forth at the GP trying lots of different creams and treatments but getting no relief.

Max and sister Brooke


“We were referred to NHS Lothian Skin Clinic but while waiting to be seen, we felt helpless and didn’t know how to help him so finding Eczema Outreach Support was a huge help.”
The family joined the Linlithgow based charity and received help and advice from the team and Max received a welcome pack.
Ros said: “We found the Facebook group a great source of support too, there were parents that had been in our position and could give advice. Just having other parents that understand what you are going through is great and made me feel less alone.”
Max decided he wanted to fundraise for EOS since his sister was still suffering with her skin and he and Ros walked 5 miles from Leith to Musselburgh last week.
The family raised £300 for EOS, if you would like to donate to their challenge you can here.