Eczema Outreach Support members Louise and son George have got creative to raise money for their favourite charity.

The pair have started making eczema awareness bracelets to sell to family and friends and generate funds for EOS at the same time.
George (4) has suffered with eczema since he was an infant, experiencing terrible flares and painful itchy skin but Louise said meeting one of the EOS team at an allergy show provided invaluable help.
Louise said: “My anxiety was through the roof at the time I met the team, George was really struggling with his skin and I didn’t know what else I could do for him.
“But I was at the Allergy and Free From Show in London and met the team from EOS who gave me lots of good advice there and then.
“I then got a call from one of the EOS team and she gave me lots of hints and tips that have made a real difference. Just having someone to talk to that understands was great.
“Now George’s skin is better and we know how to cope with flares. We were just at a garden party in the hot weather at the weekend but I had the spray emollient handy and his skin didn’t flare too much. Things like keeping cream in the fridge so it’s cooling and having a fan in Geroge’s room have really helped.”
Louise used to make and sell jewellery so decided she could use her skills to raise money for EOS and in just a few months has raised £95 with the bracelets and has also created a Facebook birthday fundraiser to celebrate her birthday and raise money for EOS.
Louise said: “Eczema Outreach Support has been a great source of help for us, from the phone calls to joining the webinars with the dermatology professionals so we just wanted to give back”
Louise plans to open an Etsy shop selling the bracelets soon, keep your eyes peeled on the EOS social media pages to find out how to buy yours.