Meg is running Kirkstall Half Marathon in March

Meg will run a half marathon in March to raise funds for EOS after seeing her partner Helen struggle with her skin.

Meg will run the Kirkstall Half Marathon on March 16, and chose EOS as she sees first hand how much eczema impacts Helen every day and thinks EOS does amazing work.

Sporty Meg, a former football player with Durham WFC, is tackling her second ever half marathon after running last year for a cancer charity to honour her grandparents who beat the disease.

Meg, from Sunderland, said: “I don’t have eczema and I didn’t know much about it until I met Helen and had no idea it could get so bad. She has had eczema all of her life and when it flares up it affects every little thing she does.

“It has a detrimental effect on her mental wellbeing and makes her not want to socialise or do things she enjoys. Helen is recently going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal which has been the worst part of her journey so far.”

EOS was not available in England when Helen and the couple found EOS by researching eczema charities.

Meg chose to fundraise for EOS as Helen suffers from eczema

Meg added: “I got into running during the pandemic and ran 100 km in May for MND. Last March I ran for MacMillan for my Nana and Grandad – who have both beaten cancer and are doing really well.

“Running is something I use to show support for the people around me which helps my mental health in return.

“I heard about EOS through research. Helen wishes EOS was around when she was a child to support her parents as it was difficult for them to see her in pain and not know how to help.

“I’m looking forward to training for the race and raising as much as possible for such a good cause.”

You can sponsor Meg here.

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