Swimming with eczema – helpful tips

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Learning to swim is an important life skill, as well as great fun, but if your child has eczema swimming can be difficult. Most parents want their children to learn to swim so where possible kids with eczema should also have this opportunity, however chlorine in the pool can be a trigger. There are steps

Dealing with unsolicited advice

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People mean well, but it can be frustrating to hear tips you didn't ask for. "Oh you have eczema? My aunt's neighbour's best friend cured that with this lotion from a supermarket." You are probably used to hearing all the ways that acquaintances have 'cured' eczema using methods from simple moisturisers to taking cod

‘Dear Eczema’ project shines light on living with eczema

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Olivia has struggled with eczema her whole life and created a graphic book about the skin condition A woman that has suffered with eczema since she was a baby has created a project about her experiences. Olivia used her frustrations over having the skin condition throughout her life to create a

Looking after your skin at Christmas

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The festive time can means lots of potential triggers for people with eczema Christmas is just around the corner, with many children now ripping into their advent calendars daily and counting down until Santa comes. But Christmas can be a tricky time  for eczema sufferers with lots of

Emily appeared on BBC Children in Need to talk about EOS

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Emily filmed with the BBC for two days at school, swimming lessons  and home EOS member Emily appeared on BBC Children in Need to talk about her eczema and how EOS helped her. Emily, from Edinburgh, filmed a video with the team from BBC Scotland in her home, school

Be SPOT-acular and donate to Children in Need

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Children in Need night is Friday November 17 Children in Need will be broadcast this Friday and the televised fundraiser supports Eczema Outreach Support. Last year the event raised £35 million for good causes, EOS being one of them. The theme this year is SPOT-acular with people encouraged to wear spots

Have a spook-tacular Halloween and keep your skin happy

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Halloween can cause difficulties for people with eczema Halloween is this week and there is a good chance your little monster will be excited about going to parties or trick or treating. If your child has eczema, Halloween can be more tricky but by taking a few simple steps, you can

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