EOS was recently contacted by an organisation called Eczema Clothing, who generously offered to donate some skin-kind clothing and also pledged to donate 50p to EOS for every one of their Mitten-T’s sold. We are grateful for their offer of financial support.

If you haven’t come across them before, you can find Eczema Clothing online at www.eczemaclothing.com  and they offer a range of clothing for people with eczema and sensitive skin.

Jo, from Eczema Clothing told us “We’re passionate about helping kids and adults who suffer from eczema to live as comfortably as possible. We have 40 years’ design experience in skin-kind, super-soft organic cotton clothing that supports and soothes hot, cranky skin.

We understand that it’s hard being a parent of a child with itchy skin and that sometimes it makes you feel exhausted, upset, guilty and hopeless. We don’t pretend to have found the solution to eczema and know that everyone has their own medicines, lotions and routines, but what you wear can make a difference and be part of your eczema solution.  Our in-house brand Cotton Comfort focuses on sleepwear. As you’ll know, eczema is far more than ‘just a bit of itchy skin’ and can destroy sleep, especially for children.

And when our children don’t sleep, we can’t sleep and everything else goes out the window. Our Cotton Comfort kids and adults’ nightwear is crafted from the finest 100% pure organic cotton, with innovative designs made specifically for those with eczema. That means gentle material, soft flat seams, no itchy labels, and narrow cuffs (to avoid pulling them up to scratch). And it’s all machine washable at 60 degrees so any residual cream, dead skin, and allergens (like dust mites) can easily be removed.

Our most famous product is our Eczema Scratch Mitten-T, a super soft organic cotton long sleeve top with integral mittens. Our customer reviews tell our story for us: “My 7-year-old daughter got very bad eczema for last 6 years + as you can imagine we tried already a lot of clothing, creams etc, so this purchase was another desperate call for help. The results after a week or so are just amazing! She’s sleeping well, not scratching herself.”

That’s the thing about eczema, we are led to believe in an all or nothing approach, with certain products claiming 100% success. Our clothes won’t cure your eczema, but paired with your creams, your routines and your diet, they can make a real difference, helping you and your family sleep well and live happier lives.

If you would like to try one of our Mitten-T’s, we will be pledging 50p for everyone bought (or £1 for a pack of 2) to EOS, to show our support for this fantastic and much needed charity.”

As a charity, we are continually working on raising money to ensure we can continue to support children with eczema and their families. If you would like to donate, do a fundraising event in aid of us, or nominate us as your work charity of the year we would be very grateful.