We are looking for business heroes who want to support children, young people and families affected by eczema

Eczema Outreach Support is the only charity dedicated to children and young people living with eczema. Providing free direct practical advice and emotional support to the whole family.

Eczema affects one in five children across the UK

It is often misunderstood as “a bit of itchy skin”. For our member families, the reality is very different. Children as young as four report being bullied at school, teenagers tell us how alone they feel and that they don’t know who to talk to. Parents and carers share worries about their child’s mental wellbeing.

Eczema affects the whole family, probably quite a few of your customers and some of your employees as well. They just don't talk about it!

Itchy, dry, painful, inflamed skin is not glamorous and rarely the first topic you want to talk to friends or colleagues about, especially if you have previously been met with misconceptions and ridicule about the condition.

By partnering with EOS you can help thousands of children and young people with eczema all over the UK. Make your staff impacted by eczema feel more understood and show everyone that you care!

The Thompsons’ story

Daniel was just a tiny tot when he developed eczema, starting as a small rash and then taking over every inch of his skin. Mum Sheena could only watch as her little boy suffered with broken weeping skin, intense itching and frequent skin infections.

He was hospitalised frequently, needing antibiotics to combat the infections and Sheena had to extend her maternity leave and then only work part time in order to care for her son.

“He was so vulnerable and I felt helpless, I found the information and support that I got from EOS made me feel more confident in treating his eczema and less alone. Just having someone that understood eczema isn’t just a patch of itchy skin felt incredible.”

How you can help children like Daniel

Choose us as your Charity of the Year and support us with fundraising activities such as quiz nights, dress down days, bake sales, wellbeing days or raffles. Or if you prefer you can support EOS through Work for Good, an easy to use platform that allows companies of any size to give money to charities.

Sponsor one of our school workshops and help us support children with eczema to feel more confident and comfortable at school.

Take part in a team challenge – a 10K, bake sale, speed typing contest, The Kiltwalk, mock Apprentice pitches, a cycling event – something that your employees will enjoy while still being challenged!

Cover the cost of 10 Welcome Packs

Fully fund 17 School Workshops

Provide a Family Worker for 5 hours a week for a year

Why partner with EOS

We believe that working with businesses like yours should be a partnership. We want to provide value to your business wherever we can. For businesses who choose us as their Charity of the Year, or who raises funds for EOS, we can…

Deliver a workshop for your team to raise awareness of eczema and its impact on families.

Offer even more! Anyone who raises £250 or more will become one of our monthly sponsor charities! You’ll get a special post on social media, your logo will be included on our headline banner on Facebook for that month, and we will thank your business throughout the month. We will also put your logo and a link to your website on the EOS website.

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