We are looking for business heroes who want to help children with eczema thrive.

Why partner with EOS?

Eczema currently affects 1 in 5 children, and the number is increasing.

In its moderate to severe form it can have a devastating impact on the lives of children and their whole family. It is a chronic and very often misunderstood condition.

Eczema will affect quite a few of your customers and probably some of your employees as well.

They just don’t talk about it!

Itchy, dry, painful, inflamed skin is not glamorous and rarely the first topic you want to talk to friends or colleagues about, especially if you have previously been met with misconceptions and ridicule about the condition. 

By partnering with EOS you can help thousands of children and young people with eczema all over the UK. Make your staff impacted by eczema feel more understood and show everyone that you care! 

Types of partnerships 

Make us your charity of choice 

Fundraising together can be great for team building and giving everyone an extra boost. 

If you and your staff raise money for EOS we offer the opportunity to hear directly from young people with eczema what it means to live with the condition and how vital support can be.   

We will put your logo on our website as an official partner during the partnership agreement. We put out a thank you to partners on our social media on a regular basis. 

We can also support with graphics and relevant materials to help you show the world that you are helping Children and Young people with eczema thrive. 

Sponsor EOS welcome packs 

If you prefer donating directly you can choose to sponsor our welcome packs. All new members who join EOS get a pack filled with information and practical tools for both the parent and the child to manage the condition better.

This includes for example a cool pack to soothe itchy skin, a fidget toy to keep hands from scratching and an age appropriate book relating to having eczema.  

A welcome pack costs on average £26 for EOS. So a donation of £1,000 allows us to send out almost 40 packs. With £5,000 we can send out close to 200 packs. 

We will put a note in the packs sponsored by you with your logo and a brief description of your business. You can also have your company listed as a supporter on our website

Sponsor our work in schools 

Schools can be a particularly difficult place for children and young people with eczemaThere can be so many different triggers in a classroom setting and avoiding them can be hard.

Children with eczema often struggle to focus in class due to the itch and lack of sleep.  Some children are bullied because of their skin and their mental health suffers as a result.

Our eczema workshop helps other children and the class teacher to understand what eczema is and how they can help someone in school who has eczema.

Work for Good 

You don’t have to enter into a full partnership or sponsorship agreement with EOS to help. If you prefer you can support EOS through Work for Good, an easy to use platform that allows companies of any size to give money to charities of their choice. 

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