Move 5 to help kids with eczema thrive

We would like to give a big thank you to our participants in Move 5 2024!

Every year we ask our members and supporters to get moving to help children and young people with eczema.

Our Fundraising Star Reagan took to his bike and did 5 laps of his local football pitch.

“Reagan loves football and being on his bike but his eczema means it can be hard for him. When he gets too hot and sticky, his eczema can flare and he can become very uncomfortable.

Reagan’s story

He wanted to get involved in the fundraiser and raise money for Eczema Outreach Support so more kids with eczema can get help and support.

You can get involved too and help children just like Reagan. 

Whether you are 3 years old or 93 you can take part in Move 5. Put on your walking shoes or a running vest, or if you prefer grab your bike, your scooter or your roller skates and then pick a challenge that suits you. 

You could run, walk or cycle 5k 

For the really hard-core runners you could do 5 marathons 

You could rollerskate 1k for 5 days 

You could do 500 jumps on your trampoline  

You could do 5 laps of your local park 

You could dance for 5 hours 

Just decide how you want to move and set yourself a challenge that involves 5

All children who take part will receive a Move 5 certificate and an EOS medal

Last year EOS supported more than 4000 children and young people with eczema – and their families too. We sent out more than 800 welcome packs and delivered over 125 hours of support to members over the phone. More than 500 children learned about eczema through our school workshops.

We want to do that again.

You can help by going on the move for EOS

Sign up for Move 5 here

Peyton’s Walk  5 Challenge

Peyton raises over £300 for EOS

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Max’s Walk 5 Challenge

Max takes on Walk 5 challenge for his little sister

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pick your city, pick you distance and make sure to pick Eczema Outreach Support as your charity. 

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