Every year we ask our members and supporters to get moving, while helping children and young people with eczema. 

Whether you are 3 years old or 103 you can take part in Move 5. Put on your walking shoes or a running vest, or if you prefer grab your bike, your scooter or your roller skates and then pick a challenge that suits you. 

You could do 5 laps of your local park 

You could run, walk or cycle 5k 

For the really hard-core runners you could do 5 marathons 

You could do 500 jumps on your trampoline  

You could rollerskate 1k for 5 days 

You could dance for 5 hours 

 Just decide how you prefer to move and set yourself a challenge that involves 5 

Sign up for Move 5 2023 will be open from February. All the details will be available right here on this page. 

Join Move 5